Supplement to Employment Agreement: Remote Work

Key points and template

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Key Points Included in This Remote Work Supplement
  • Whether remote work is permitted only temporarily or without restriction
  • Whether employees can work remotely from where they want (including while traveling) or from home only
  • Organization of remote work, including when or how often employees are allowed to work remotely
  • Additional confidentiality obligations and measures to ensure that work-related information is protected
  • Details of equipment (for example, a laptop computer)
  • If requested, arrangements for compensation of expenses incurred as a result of working remotely
Use This Remote Work Supplement if …

… you need flexibility in work organization and office space (workplace availability, unforeseen events, etc.)

… your employees want to work away from the office in whole or in part

… you need to ensure that employees perform their duties while out of the office or at home and keep important business information confidential

What is a Remote Work Supplement?

This agreement is a supplement to an employment agreement and supplements it with the relevant provisions on remote work. It is also possible that general regulations on remote work are already in place within the company and are specified or amended using this document.

Working out of the employer’s offices is popular and is widespread in many work organizations. Under this supplement for remote work, the employer and their employees agree on the conditions and modalities of remote work.

Employees can perform their work partially or fully from home (work at home) or completely remotely (for example, while traveling or in a co-working space). It is important to ensure that work-related information continues to be treated confidentially even while working outside the business premises and that the quality of work is guaranteed. The related duties of the employee must therefore be carefully defined.

If employees wish to work remotely and have a workplace at the employer’s premises, the additional costs incurred (for example, the costs of a laptop, headset, Internet connection, or electricity) must be borne by the employees themselves. The employer only has to compensate the costs incurred if they do not provide the employees with a suitable workplace. Should the employer cover the costs, it is necessary to specify how the employees are to be compensated. In practice, a monthly lump sum is often paid.

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