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Approovd ist eine innovative Vertragsmanagement Lösung für Schweizer KMU

Approovd is tailored to the needs of SMEs and is state of the art.

Rolf Watter, Anwaltskanzlei Bär und Karrer, Partner, berichtet über Approovd - Schweizer Vertragsmanagement Software

Our business contracts are created in a few minutes and are of top quality. I don’t want to work without Approovd anymore.

Daniel Hodel Board Member and Investor bei Approovd

Daniel Hodel,

CEO Geocloud AG

Create, Negotiate and Sign Your Contracts, 100% Online and Reliable


Approovd - Schweizer Streaming Plattform für Verträge - Verträge bequem online vom Smartphone erstellen


Ein junger Mann sucht nach einer passenden Vorlage, um einen Vertrag aufzusetzen


Erstellung von Verträgen mit einen Juristen ist kostenspielig und nicht für knapp KMU Budgets passend.

Creating contracts either takes a lot of time or costs a lot of money. This is exactly why we have reinvented contract drafting according to the principle “Do it yourself with top quality”.

Swiss Law Compliant

All documents are validated by best Swiss lawyers


On average 8 minutes per document

Plug & Play

You log in and off you go


CHF 89 per document or less

Your Contract Management - from Creation to Signature​

Contract Creation
High Quality & Efficient
Junge Unternehmerin erstellt Ihre Verträge und Rechtsdokumente mit Approovd - Schweizer Vertragsmanagement Software
Create high-quality legal documents in record time

With more than 230 smart templates compliant with Swiss law, Approovd redefines contract drafting and transforms it into a digital experience.

Contract Management
Clever & Compliant
Intelligente Vorlagen von Approovd - Schweizer Vertragsmanagement Software
Ensure transparency and control in your legal documents

Approovd's Working and Customizing Tools give you full control over your agreements: reducing costs, increasing efficiency and making everything accessible with a click.

Digital Signature
Legally Valid & Fast
Digitale Unterschrift von Approovd - Schweizer Vertragsmanagement Software - schnell und rechtsgültig
Sign your agreements legally in a few clicks

Thanks to the digital and legally valid eSignature, you handle your agreements 100% digitally and thus drastically simplify and streamline existing processes.

This is how Approovd works


You answer between 7 and 32 questions​

Einseitige Geheimhaltungsvereinbarung - mit Approovd leicht gemacht.


You download your completed legal document

Einseitige Geheimhaltungsvereinbarung mit Approovd editiert - danach einfach im gewünschten Format, als Word oder PDF zum Runterladen
Time saving
Smart templates in 3 languages
Reduction of costs

Affordable Legal Help for Your Contracts

You can get the legal help you need for your contracts with virtual assistance or on-demand lawyer help. Our prices are predictable, transparent, and always within your budget, for CHF 89 or less.

1 doc to go

CHF 89
per doc
  • Available for 12 months
  • All templates reviewed by Switzerland's leading lawyers
  • Additional lawyer assistance for CHF 79 only


CHF 199
for 3 docs
  • save 11%


CHF 348
for 5 docs
  • save 22%


CHF 596
for 10 docs
  • save 33%

Infinity Plan

CHF 199
per month
  • Yearly subscription
  • Unlimited usage of our library of smart templates
  • Also available with lawyer assistance, please contact us

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