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Irene Streit-Müller is a certified fiduciary expert and has more than 25 years of experience in the industry. She talked to us about the past few months and what the fiduciary profession of the future will look like.

Peter Huber, owner of Huber CFO Consulting AG, advises clients on topics related to CFO competence. Through his CFO glasses, Peter Huber tells us more about various legal challenges Swiss SMEs face today.

Prof. Dr. Rolf Watter stands for top quality - just like our legal documents. Read here how Rolf Watter supports us in guaranteeing the highest legal quality.

We met Zurich entrepreneur and cantonal councilor Daniel Hodel for an interview. Daniel Hodel is the managing director of Geocloud AG, a leading GIS company in Switzerland. As an ICT service provider, Geocloud AG deals with information and data logistics and at the same time with the secure storage of data. The company has several locations.