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Peter Huber, ein zufriedener Approovd Kunde

Approovd works through a guided process of asking the right questions in the relevant context. This allows anyone, including non-lawyers, to create a high-quality contract that includes the latest legal provisions and guarantees completeness."

Peter Huber,

Huber CFO Consulting AG

Approovd is tailored to the needs of SMEs and is state of the art.

Rolf Watter, Anwaltskanzlei Bär und Karrer, Partner, berichtet über Approovd - Schweizer Vertragsmanagement Software

Our business contracts are created in a few minutes and are of top quality. I don’t want to work without Approovd anymore.

Daniel Hodel Board Member and Investor bei Approovd

Daniel Hodel,

CEO Geocloud AG

Stefan Breitenstein, Anwaltskanzlei Lenz und Staehelin, Partner,ein zufriedener Approovd Kunde

Efficient tool with very good cost-benefit ratio.
It's the future of contract drafting."

Stefan Breitenstein,

Partner at Law Office Lenz und Staehelin

"Simple, fast, online and always with the security of working with the most up-to-date legal framework."


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Willi Leimer, ein zufriedener Kunde von Approovd, Schweizer Vertragsmanagement Software

Incredible efficiency gains: we focus on the substance."

Willi Leimer,

CEO ISPartners Investment Solutions AG

I can focus on the core business.
I don’t lose time wondering whether our contracts are up-to-date or reliable.

Peter Uhlmann, Optimo Group, Gründer und Verwaltungsrat erzählt über seine Erfahrungen mit Approovd

Thanks to intuitive customizable contract templates, legal documents become better. Moreover, Approovd covers the most important legal topics of many Swiss SMEs.

Frank Gerhard, Anwaltskanzlei Homburger, Partner erzählt seine Erfahrungen mit über Approovd
Treuhänderin Irene Streit-Mueller erzählt über Ihre positiven Erfahrungen mit Approovd

        On the one hand, we reduce our own risks, because the risk of errors significantly decreases by working with Approovd's templates. On the other hand, our work is also more efficient when the legal documents can be individualized for the purpose and the specific relationship within a few minutes."

Irene Streit-Müller,

Certified fiduciary expert

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