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Bahadir Vatanacan - Sales Manager chez Approovd, logiciel de gestion de contrats suisse

Bahadir Vatanacan

Sales Manager

Camille Auberson - Chief Legal Officer von Approovd - Schweizer Vertragsmanagement Software

Camille Auberson

Chief Legal Officer

Caner Cengiz - Sales Manager bei Approovd - innovative Vertragsmanagement Software

Caner Cengiz

Sales Manager

Maja Zulauf, CEO von Approovd - Schweizer Vertragsmanagement Tool

Maja Zulauf


Sabrina Ramos - Customer Succes at Approovd - Swiss Contract Management Software

Sabrina Ramos

Customer Success Manager

Luca Schärer - Legal Engineer at Approovd

Luca Schärer

Legal Engineer

Rafael Janetzek - Chief Technology Officer von Approovd - Schweizer Vertragsmanagement Software

Rafael Janetzek

Chief Technology

Good listener with technical flair:

A seasoned Sales Manager, Bahadir stands out for his open mind and eagerness to explore new ideas and technologies. He is not afraid to think outside the box. At Approovd, he uses his natural curiosity to stay on top of industry trends and developments, always looking for new and innovative solutions to optimise our client’s legal management processes.

The legal translation machine:

Camille has gained extensive experience as a transaction lawyer at Homburger, one of Switzerland’s leading business law firm. There he specialized in mergers and acquisitions, capital market as well as corporate law. The increasing need and untapped potential for digitization in the market for legal services convinced him to join Approovd as an early founder. He also acts as the chairman of the real estate company Nordmann Fribourg Holding SA.

The innovation enabler:

Business life is not necessarily about prevailing. Trained as a lawyer, Caner endeavors to obtain the best outcome for all parties and solve seemingly intractable conflicts. How? By listening to people and genuinely taking their interests into account. With the tenants’ association, then before a court and in a law firm, Caner was able to put his technical and personal skills into action and gained insight into daily business issues. It is therefore only natural that Caner now acts as the link between Approovd and its customers.

The bridge between technology and market:

Trained as a lawyer, Maja has pursued her education in business administration (Executive MBA HSG, PLD Harvard Business School) and has a broad experience in the field of digitization, amongst others in digital broadcasting (building as Head of Marketing and Communication the first digital offer for TV in Switzerland, today Swisscom TV) and digital healthcare services or “e-health” (as member of the management of Swisscom Health AG). She is now dedicated to digitizing legal services.

Best Guide for Customer Journeys:

Sabrina studies law at the University of Zurich, before that she studied at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and at the University of St. Gallen.
Her curiosity and multifaceted nature has taken her to different places in life: as a teacher in Bogotá, as a project manager for women’s rights in Popayán, and as a sales support in finance in Zurich. Sabrina tirelessly advocates for people’s concerns and is the perfect voice for Approovd’s clients.

Connecting the dots:

Luca is studying law at the University of Zurich. As an avid technology fan, he is eagerly involved in the digitalization and automation of legal practice as part of his student association.

Creating solutions at the intersection of law and technology to generate optimal efficiency gains – with this conviction and his work as a legal engineer at Approovd, Luca can best follow his passion.

The software crack:

As far back as he can remember, Rafael’s life has always revolved around computing, gaming, and software. He obtained his degree in computer science from the University of Braunschweig, Germany. His dedication to software development spans his professional life and is also a hobby. Although he is the only one capable of doing what he does at Approovd, his enthusiasm has spread throughout the team and crossed all coding barriers.