Notice of Ordinary Termination of Employment

Key points and template

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Key Points Included in This Notice of Termination of Employment
  • End date of the employment relationship
  • Whether the employee continues to be employed or is released from work until the end of the employment relationship
  • Return of working material and data
  • Social security consequences and transfer of the portable benefits account for the pension fund
Use This Notice of Termination of Employment if …

… you want to or must part with an employee in an open-ended employment relationship for the next termination date

What is a Notice of (Ordinary) Termination of Employment?

Ordinary termination describes the normal process of terminating an employment relationship. Unlike an extraordinary termination (without notice), the employment relationship does not end immediately, but only after a period of notice. If not stipulated in the employment agreement, the notice period is provided by law.

For evidence reasons, it is crucial to give notice of termination in writing, which only has to be substantiated if the employee requests it. Termination is nonetheless deemed abusive if it is made for certain reasons contrary to good faith, such as religious convictions or the employee’s gender. In this case, the employer must pay the employee compensation of up to 6 months’ salary. In addition, the notice of termination at certain times (for example, illness of an employee) – so-called blocking periods – is null and void.

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