Staff Regulations

Key points and template

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Key Points Included in These Staff Regulations
  • Employment duration, including probationary period and notice of termination
  • Working times and holiday entitlements
  • Social security and salary payment in case employees are prevented from working
  • Guidelines and best practice conduct in general and regarding the consumption of substances and the prevention of harassment at work
  • Guidelines regarding the handling of personal and confidential data
Use These Staff Regulations if …

… you would like to provide up-to-date and unified employment terms to your employees

… you would like to include only specific arrangements in the individual employment agreements

… if you want to keep your employment agreements short and limit them to the most important points

… you need an instrument to hire new employees without having to negotiate each term and condition of employment

What are Staff regulations?

By enacting staff regulations, an employer provides substantially unified terms of employment to all its employees. This fosters transparency and clarity and is widely used among all types of industries.

Staff regulations usually are incorporated by reference in the individual employment agreements, which allows employers and employees to negotiate only those terms that are inherent to the specific position of the employee.

While staff regulations may be amended by the employer, any amendment that materially affects the rights or obligations of the employee requires the consent of the employees, in particular, if the amendments are detrimental to the employees. In addition, the individual provisions of the employment agreement take precedence over the staff regulations.

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