Social Influencer Agreement

Key points and template

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Key Points included in This Social Influencer Agreement
  • Definition of the sponsored social media content and modalities of publication
  • Detailed rules for disclosing the relationship with the brand
  • Social media conduct policies
  • Compensation of the influencer
  • Specific guidelines about exclusivity
  • Special arrangements, such as the brand owner’s right to review and withdraw social media content
Use This Social Influencer Agreement if …

… you want to associate your company, image, brand, products or services with a social media influencer

… you want to reach the social media audience (for example, followers) of an influencer and use his or her image as a social endorsement for your brand, products and/or services

… a social media influencer is willing to support your brand and you want to define clear rules for the cooperation

What is a Social Influencer Agreement?

Influencer marketing has become one of the most popular and effective tools for marketers and their agencies to target and reach consumers. Under a social influencer agreement, an Influencer (i.e., a person with followers on a social media platform who is considered an expert on a particular topic) agrees to publicly endorse a brand, services, and/or products on social media, usually in exchange for compensation.

Because of the wide reach that social marketing gives the brand, as well as the public impact, it is critical for the brand owner to ensure that the collaboration is clearly regulated and does not lead to negative publicity or legal issues. For example, the influencer must adhere to strict rules regarding his or her behavior on social media and disclosure of the relationship with the brand.

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