Purchase Agreement for Seller

Key Points and English Template

Use a Purchase Agreement for Seller if…

… you are selling one or several goods to a person or a business

… you want to document the sale and safeguard your rights

Key points included in a Purchase Agreement for Seller

What is a Purchase Agreement for Seller?

Under a purchase agreement (or sales agreement or purchase contract), a seller transfers the ownership of goods to a buyer against the payment of a purchase price.

A purchase agreement can be used to document the sale of nearly any kind of goods. The document underlying the sale of a property or real estate needs to be notarized and is subject to a variety of form requirements, depending on the Canton where the property is located.

A purchase agreement includes the basic arrangements such as the price or what good is being sold. However, the parties often want to include additional protections. For instance, the seller wants to ensure that it retains ownership of the goods until full payment by the buyer and that the latter must pay the purchase price within a defined deadline. This kind of arrangements need to be stated in writing. 

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