Consulting Agreement for Consultant

Key points and template

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Key Points Included in This Consulting Agreement for Consultant
  • Scope and description of the services to be provided
  • How much and how often the consultant will be paid, including out-of-pocket expenses
  • Whether the consultant will be restricted from working with competing businesses or soliciting your employees, and how long those restrictions apply
  • Ownership of intellectual property rights resulting from the consultant’s services
  • What information should be protected and for how long
  • Whether the consultant’s liability will be limited and if so to what amount
  • Possibility to upload the service description and the price arrangement separately as an attachment
Use a Consulting Agreement for Consultant if …

… you are an expert/consultant in your field and an organization has requested your professional advice on a specific business, technical, or legal matter

… you are a software developer, a web designer, a digital marketing agency, or any other service provider and have been asked to perform a project or develop a product

… you are providing advice to a client and would like to formalize your arrangements, including your fees. This contract is also suitable for agile project management

What is a Consulting Agreement for Consultant?

Under a consulting agreement (or “consultancy agreement”), a company hires the services of a consulting firm or a consultant.

The consultant provides its expertise and advice and/or performs a project as an independent contractor against an agreed fee. Though it is an outsider, the consultant will have access to the company’s offices, proprietary and confidential information, clients, employees, projects, etc.

On the other hand, the company will gain insight into the consultant’s proprietary know-how. Therefore, it is paramount that all information exchanged during the agreement remains highly confidential. Both the company and the consultant are thus well-advised to have a written agreement in place stating clearly what happens with any deliverable and, depending on the services, whether the consultant will be restricted from talking to the company’s clients or employees during and after the end of the agreement.

Furthermore, to avoid any misunderstanding or conflict, the scope of the services and the liability of the consultant in case anything goes wrong should be drafted in a way that should leave no room for interpretation.

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