Why are Contract Management Softwares the Future of Contract Creation?

Warum ist eine Vertragsmanagement Software die Zukunft der Vertragserstellung?

In recent years, the preparation of contracts has changed drastically. Thanks to the use of contract management software such as Approovd, it is possible to digitize and automate all the different actions that lead to the signing of the contract. We will guide you through the main benefits of contract management software in the following article.

Contract management software saves you time

Using a contract management software like Approovd will save you a lot of time. You answer about 7 to 32 questions (don’t worry, you don’t need any previous legal knowledge) in a dynamic questionnaire, where all the information useful for the contract is collected and analyzed. The whole process takes 8 minutes on average and allows you, for example, to create a legally compliant employment contract in less time.

Contract management software increases quality

Thanks to automation, Approovd has managed to significantly reduce the human errors that can occur when drafting a contract. The creation is done with intelligent software that collects all the answers you give, analyzes them, and converts them into a contract. The created contract not only meets your individual needs, but is also legally compliant. Namely, all our intelligent templates have been reviewed by top Swiss lawyers to ensure the highest quality.

Contract management software is fun

The back and forth between all involved parties as well as the countless versions are unnecessary. With contract management software like Approovd, you can easily work with all parties involved on one document. Thus, you guarantee high transparency and simplify the processes significantly.

Contract management software is the future of contracts

The world of work is changing. In recent years, we have witnessed the transformation of entire sectors, modernized and digitalized by new technologies. Just think that until a few years ago, you listened to cassettes and CDs and needed tools like a CD player to do so. Today, you listen to your favorite songs conveniently on your phone with Spotify.

It’s not much different in contract management: the era of static Word templates is slowly coming to an end. Now there is Approovd, the Swiss streaming platform for contracts.

One question still remains. And you, are you already streaming your contracts or are you still waiting?

Magda Fessy - Digital Marketing Director bei Approovd - Schweizer Vertragsmanagement Software

Magda Fessy
Chief Marketing Officer


Magda is convinced of the benefits of automation. She is committed to ensuring that all companies in Switzerland have access to the best legal know-how.

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