Employment Agreement with Home-Working Option

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Use an Employment Agreement with Home-Working Option if...

… you need to make sure business matters are treated confidentially by your employees also when working at home

… you need flexibility in the work organization (workplace availability, unexpected events, etc.)

… you do not wish to pay the employee any expenses for home office work

Key Points included in an Employment Agreement with Home Office Option:

What is an Employment Agreement with Home-Working Option?

Working in home-office resp. outside of the corporate offices has recently become increasingly popular and widespread among a number of work organizations. Under an employment agreement with home office option, a company hires an employee who will perform her/his duties partly or wholly from home or outside of your company’s offices (remote work)

When working remotely, the employee will work from her/his home or someplace nearby but will commute to in-person meetings at the company’s offices on certain weekdays, depending on the specific arrangements agreed with the employee. 

While it enables employers to make more efficient use of office spaces and provide flexible conditions, supervising employees working remotely and ensuring that they treat work-related information confidentially even while at home pose challenges for employers, which require careful drafting of the employee’s respective obligations.

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