Lease Agreement for Office Premises

Key Points and Template

On this page, we provide you with an overview of the most important aspects of a Lease Agreement for Office Premises in Switzerland, including the elements to be taken into account when drawing up the agreement.

Subsequently, we will provide you with a legally compliant template of Lease Agreement for Office Premises under Swiss law.

Use the Lease Agreement for Office Premises if…

… you are the owner of office premises and would like to rent them to a person or company

… you have found office space for you or your company and would like to rent it

Key points included in the Lease Agreement for Office Premises:

What is a Lease Agreement for Office Premises?

Under this lease agreement, the owner (landlord) provides office space to an organization or person (tenant). The tenant pays rent to the landlord for the use of the office premises. 

The rent usually is a fixed amount. Depending on the duration of the lease, the landlord may provide that the rent follows the development of the Swiss consumer price index (indexed rent) or that it increases each year by an amount specified in the agreement (graduated rent). 

In addition to the rent, the tenant must pay ancillary costs (often referred to as “accessory charges” in Switzerland), which essentially include all costs related to the individual use of the leased property (heating, water, management costs, etc.) and to the common areas (entrances, elevators, visitor’s lounge etc.). 

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