Contestation of Unjustified Claim

Key points and English template

On this page, we provide you with an overview of the most important aspects of a Contestation of Unjustified Claim in Switzerland, including the elements to be taken into account when drawing up the agreement.

Subsequently, we will provide you with a legally compliant template of a Contestation of Unjustified Claim under Swiss law.

Use a Contestation of Unjustified Claim if...

… you have received an invoice for services or products that you have not ordered

… you have received an invoice for services or products that you have already paid for

… you have received an invoice and do not agree with certain items in the invoice

Key Points included in a Contestation of Unjustified Claim:

What is a Contestation of Unjustified Claim?

Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly common for companies to receive invoices that are completely unfounded or where certain items have been deliberately exaggerated. In particular, if the invoice is issued by a debt collection agency, ancillary costs, such as administrative fees, are often unduly charged. 

In this case, it is essential to react immediately and tell the invoice issuer exactly why you are contesting the invoice. Failure to respond could result in an administrative or judicial authority assuming that the invoice has been tacitly accepted and must therefore be paid.


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