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Legal challenges of Swiss associations:

Legal advice is expensive

Legal information is often associated with high costs and low profitability. Outdated document templates require a lot of explanation and are therefore no longer up to the task.

Lack of digital tools of members

Due to the recent health situation, many Swiss companies have strongly felt the lack of digital tools and need to act.

Acceptance of membership fees declines

Networking events, conferences and continuing education have not been on the menu for several months.

Problem für kleine Unternehmen - rechtliches Know-How ist teuer - mit Approovd, digitaler Vertragsmanagement Software, können Verträge zu einem fairen Preis erstellt werden
Willi Leimer, ein zufriedener Kunde von Approovd, Schweizer Vertragsmanagement Software

Incredible efficiency gains: we focus on the substance.


Digitizing and legally empowering members thanks to Approovd

Approovd - digitales Vertragsmanagement für kleine Unternehmen zu einem fairen Preis

Modern and innovative

As an association, you provide your members with an innovative tool and position yourself in the digital ecosystem

Quality guaranteed

All our intelligent document templates have been validated by the best Swiss lawyers. With Approovd, your members are on the road to legal security.

Plug & Play

Your members can quickly create legal documents themselves, from templates to electronic signatures thus relieving many associations.

Rolf Watter, Anwaltskanzlei Bär und Karrer, Partner, berichtet über Approovd - Schweizer Vertragsmanagement Software

Approovd is tailored to the needs of SMEs and is state of the art.

Daniel Hodel Board Member and Investor bei Approovd

Our business contracts are created in a few minutes and are of top quality. I don’t want to work without Approovd anymore.

Daniel Hodel,

CEO Geocloud AG

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Discover our contract library with over 160 smart templates in English, German and French. 

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